Calculation of depth of field for digicams

NOTICE: Entering a lower image resolution than resolution of the sensor will return a higher depth of field. Increasing the image resolution (up to sensor capabilities) will decrease the depth of field, because a higher resolution will make optical blur more noticable.

Width of used sensor area mm
Height of used sensor area mm
Desired resolution
Image width pixel
Image height pixel
Focal length mm
F-number (rel. aperture)  
Focus m
Special distances
Min. dist. for hyperfocal focus   m
Hyperfocal distance   m
Min. dist. for inf. focus   m
Field of view
Diagonal angle   °
Horizontal angle   °
Vertical angle   °
Width at focus   m
Height at focus   m
Depth of field
Minimum distance   m
Maximum distance   m
Depth of field   m

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